In-person, online and hybrid events

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Transforming events for a hybrid world

From small digital events to global conferences, our teams envision and create interactive spaces and online experiences to help clients get the most out of their event strategies. While we’ve collaborated with Microsoft on numerous in-person events, such as Microsoft Ignite, Ignite The Tour and Microsoft Build, things changed suddenly in 2020. We’ve always prided ourselves on being able to pivot on a dime when a live event like Microsoft Build suddenly needed to go virtual. Now, every event we do seamlessly integrates physical and digital into hybrid experiences.

Catalysis offers a comprehensive range of services that adapt to the unique needs of digital, in-person, or hybrid events. Our services are expertly tailored to align with the goals of your events, ensuring that each event, regardless of format, is a resounding success.

Engaging digital event experiences

We transform events into unforgettable, interactive experiences, promoting engagement and leaving a profound impression. Catalysis' services include:

Real-time contests and gamified learning experiences: We infuse events with excitement through real-time contests, promoting friendly competition and participant interaction. We also make technical learning experiences more engaging with gamification, such as the highly successful Cloud Skills Challenge.

Interactive hands-on labs and product demos: Attendees are immersed in practical experiences through interactive labs and live product demos, allowing them to explore and understand offerings.

User-generated content contests: Creativity and participation are fostered by involving attendees in content creation, with awards for outstanding contributions. For instance, Catalysis's creation of the Azure SQL Championship, a dynamic learning opportunity which offered participants a chance to test their skills and earn prizes via real-world challenges, expert videos, quizzes, and a competitive leaderboard.

Game show experiences: Whether in person or virtual, our game show experiences introduce an element of fun and competition, ensuring the audience stays engaged and entertained (and maybe goes home with a little extra SWAG).

Partner showcase support: Catalysis effectively highlights partners across several channels, creating a platform for productive collaborations and interactions where companies like Intel can deliver their message at Microsoft events.

Elevating content, design and video

Catalysis transforms content and design ideas into compelling, visually stunning, and engaging elements, making events truly remarkable. Catalysis serves as a creative partner, expressing your brand and enhancing the impact of your events through an array of services:

Presentation and story development: Our team excels at crafting compelling narratives and scripting, ensuring messages are engaging, memorable, and impactful.

Event Bill of Materials (BoM): We meticulously plan every detail with an event BoM, ensuring a smooth and organized execution of events. From digital to physical, Catalysis designs captivating collateral that complements event themes and messages, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Video production and interactive content: Trust Catalysis to bring ideas to life through expert video production, whether it's product presentations, sizzle reels, or commercial production. Catalysis designs and produces engaging interstitial content, including intro/outro videos, on-screen graphics, talking points for hosts, trivia, and more, to keep the audience immersed and entertained. Catalysis transforms content and design ideas into compelling, visually stunning, and engaging elements, making events truly remarkable. Catalysis serves as a creative partner, expressing your brand and enhancing the impact of your events through an array of services:

Event-based customer research

With Catalysis, valuable customer insights are gained, strategies are refined, and data-driven decisions enhance event and product success. Catalysis offers a suite of services designed to harness valuable customer insights at events, including:

Qualitative research: We conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups to delve into the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of individuals and groups, providing nuanced insights.

Quantitative research: Catalysis's quantitative research methods encompass surveys, observational studies, and content analysis, allowing you to gather and analyze large-scale data for informed decision-making.

Event-based competitive analysis: We specialize in event-based competitive analysis, helping businesses understand the landscape and gain a strategic edge.

Event execution services

Catalysis takes event execution to the next level with a suite of services that ensure your event runs flawlessly and delivers a memorable experience. With our expertise, you can trust us to manage every detail, including:

Event platform expertise: Catalysis designs, develops, and manages event spaces, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for attendees.

Staffing support: We offer dedicated event staffing support, making sure that every aspect of the event runs smoothly and efficiently.

Virtual event experiences: We excel in virtual event support and presentation facilitation via platforms like Microsoft Teams and other webinar platforms, ensuring our clients’ message reaches audiences effectively and engagingly.


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