Microsoft Learn

Showcasing Microsoft Learn at Ignite 2019


From small digital events to global conferences, our teams create interactive spaces and online experiences to help clients get the most out of their event strategies. We’ve also created Eventmine™ Intelligence, which provides comprehensive mining and analysis to understand attendee motivations and reactions better than traditional research methodologies. While we were lucky enough to collaborate on Ignite 2019 before in-person conferences came to a halt, we pride ourselves in pivoting on a dime when a live event suddenly needs to go virtual.


Come to Ignite. Leave with Microsoft Learn.

Microsoft Ignite is an annual conference for developers and IT professionals, and Microsoft Learn is a platform that provides self-paced, role-based continuous learning for those who want to boost their careers and earn certifications. The goal was both simple and huge: to make sure every single attendee left knowing about and visiting Microsoft Learn during the event. There was over two million square feet of exhibition space to work with and 30,000 IT professionals looking to be entertained and educated. We needed to create elements so eye-catching that dazed passersby would want to stop, learn more, and interact with Microsoft Learn.


From workshops to gameshows, we landed Microsoft Learn

First, we had to understand the physical space of the convention center. In some cases, our clients had initial ideas that we helped turn into reality, while in other areas, we had a blank canvas and ended up creating one of the most visited pieces at the five-day event. From the popular flip disc wall to the always at-capacity demo stations, we helped manage 100 hands-on technical workshops, a custom registration app that allowed you to email yourself from the event (and dish out some cool prizes, complete with sound effects), 16 lively quizzes at the device bar, digital booth displays and animations, wall wraps, and four keynote production level gameshows that exceeded 10,000 live attendees. We received countless kudos from participants, and the leadership teams said that thanks to our help, 2019’s conference was the best Ignite yet.