Azure Marketing and Developer Relations

Empowering learners to reach their goals while having fun


Microsoft Learn is an online skilling destination that offers free, selfpaced learning for anyone wanting to upskill in their tech-focused career. The Cloud Skills Challenge was added as a gamified feature of Microsoft Learn – giving people a fun way to learn.


Scale a popular program globally

The Cloud Skills Challenge was originally launched on a
smaller scale in the US. Due to the success of this original pilot, we partnered with the Microsoft Developer Relations, Azure
Marketing, and Field Marketing teams to enable the Cloud Skills Challenge program to escalate from the US to a global audience.


It was all about the teamwork

By first partnering with the Developer Relations engineering team, we were able to create a seamless registration experience. We also teamed up to ensure that challenges showed up as part of the Microsoft Learn profile, and created a set of new features that could scale to a worldwide audience for events like Microsoft Ignite – Microsoft’s massive annual conference for developers and IT professionals.

We then worked side by side with the engineering and marketing teams to roll out a Cloud Skills Challenge toolset specifically for Microsoft employees so they could create their own competition for events and customer accounts. We added a Power BI reporting dashboard that pulls in and displays all relevant data across the program – from registration information to activity and engagement. Last, but not least, we worked with the marketing team to define business requirements and create marketing materials and highly visible experiences around Cloud Skills Challenge and Microsoft Learn.

Regular meetings with stakeholders, engineering, and the US subsidiary team gave us the proper insights to expand the pilot’s early success to such a grand scale. At Microsoft Ignite, our goal was for 10% of attendees to join the Cloud Skills Challenge. But in fact, we exceeded our expectations by 4x by the end of the conference.