Verity Credit Union

Building vibrant local communities


Driving membership through values-based banking

For years, Verity had been a strong supporter of the arts scene around their neighborhood branches. And while that local support helped build favor in the community, it failed to differentiate their products in a way that drove significant membership growth. Verity had also recently become members of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), and were interested to see how that partnership might further express their values-based approach. Verity wanted an agency that could help them tell a more holistic story around their commitment to community and the arts, while also incorporating their desire to promote prosperity with people and planet in mind.


Building and rolling out a new narrative

After digging through Verity’s past brand tracking studies and current member data, we developed a variety of territories for ways the brand could resonate more deeply as a financial partner who empowers communities to dream boldly. For the new platform, we landed on the word Vibrancy, and all that goes into illuminating it in each community. To overcome budget constraints, we developed a campaign toolkit that provided visual guidance, copy, and a core set of campaign assets for Verity’s creative team to develop and extend across all communications channels. This left our team to oversee the full production of video, radio, and photography elements of the campaign.


Early vibrant returns

Since launching in May, the Vibrancy campaign has received a strong reception from both new and existing members as evidenced by the month-over-month growth of member deposits, and new account signups – our primary KPIs. Online and foot traffic are also exceeding historical benchmarks as awareness continues to grow. So, while the financial ROI is already being felt, understanding the downstream effects for how this initiative will increase Verity’s LCV will be the real gauge of long-term success of the Vibrancy campaign.