Re-branding the off-season


Increasing off-season bookings

LOGE (pronounced lodge) is a fast-growing hospitality brand that creates unique lodging experiences in the center of great outdoor recreation hubs across the Western US. Their objective: giving people a place to connect with others, try out new gear, and explore new places.

Traveling when conditions are less than ideal, is well, less than ideal. But it doesn’t have to be, if you have the right mindset. LOGE was about to launch three new properties in Washington, California, and Colorado, and needed a campaign that could drive occupancy during the off-season, while also doubling down on the brand’s fundamental ethos of “Live Outside, Go Explore.”


Ignite the reality that adventuring isn’t bound by seasons, rather, it’s enriched by them

We re-branded the off-season as the Odd Season. A fifth season anthem, used during the in-between times of the year when folks need that extra bit of motivation to find creative – and sometimes crazy – ways to get out there. Along with the campaign’s video mantra, we crafted a diverse visual toolkit that guided communications across all online and offline channels, while also setting the stage for LOGE’s community-driven content generation co-op.


Another season to explore

The campaign help solidify LOGE as a hub for creativity, community, exploration, and adventure. The Odd Season also launched a social creator collaboration (The Loge Creative Co-op) to bring more life and color to this new “fifth season.” It also improved every one of LOGE’s KPIs:

  • Campaign elements produced the highest engagement to-date for the brand across all owned and social channels
  • Instagram Followers Gained increased an average of 60% month-over-month throughout the eight week campaign period