Exporting the Australian lifestyle


Launch an Australian-based lifestyle brand

Anko is a new lifestyle retailer from Australia offering affordable style for home and family.

Anko’s story of ‘modern luxe for less’ found a beloved place in the hearts and homes of Australian consumers. But launching to skeptical US consumers would be a more complicated challenge. The brief? Evolve Anko’s brand visual aesthetic and voice for the US consumer, develop a video content series highlighting the brand’s history and values, and supporting the brand through the discovery and deployment of various data and marketing operations infrastructure.


Redefine value and its origins

Once we learned how Anko delivers quality at such a low price, we developed the brand’s new mantra, “The Anko Way.” From there, we crafted the first episode of a content series aimed at fostering transparency between the brand and its new US consumer-base: from design, to manufacturing, to retail, and everything in-between. The video evolved the brand’s voice and visual aesthetic, while also introducing the new campaign construct of “ko-creation” to help consumers get the most out of their products by helping them style their lives in interesting and innovative ways.


Trending in the right direction

The effects were clearly evident during the opening week, when lines outside the store’s entrance became a familiar sight. With the brand’s new aesthetic taking shape in all consumer touchpoints – both physical and digital – we set our sights on developing additional content to continue building positive brand awareness in the crowded consumer goods category.