Microsoft Global Advertising

Increased conversion through thoughtful insights

Enhanced, connected experiences

Our ongoing partnership with the Microsoft Global Advertising Team has helped bring connected ads-in-apps to life. In addition to beta units for OnStar and Nike, Catalysis created an Azure-based CMS toolset to enable Worldwide Ad Sales to create brand presentations on-the-fly. We also delivered a prototype mobile ad deployment application that enabled intelligent experiences through access to the user’s core device. This innovation allowed for a personalized experience—adapting to a user’s location, local weather, profile and contacts, with navigation leveraging voice commands and the device’s gyroscope.

How do you allow your customers to interact with your product digitally? Catalysis used ad-in-app technology to connect to a customer’s core device with voice, touch, and gesture controls.

Does deeper integration drive more meaningful audience connections?

Innovations within the Windows and Xbox environments provide the opportunity for brands to tell a richer story with touch-enabled, dynamic ads that invite consumers to discover and engage.

Working with Catalysis, Microsoft’s Global Advertising Team has helped OnStar, Nike, Infinity and other early adopters deliver a variety of advertising mediums within a single ad—with messaging serving as an integrated part of the experience, rather than an interruption.